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Addendum to Guideline No. 01-2004/BSD - CORPORATE GOVERNANCE

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The following amendments are hereby made to the Corporate Governance Guideline:

The definition of “Independent Non Executive Director” in clause 4.2. of the Guideline is amended by deleting the definition and substituting the following wording:

“Independent Non Executive Director” means – a non executive director who:

i. is not a representative of a shareowner who has the ability to control or significantly influence management;

ii. has not been employed by the banking institution or the group of which it currently forms part, in any executive capacity for the preceding three financial years;

iii. is not a member of the immediate family of an individual who is, or has been in any of the past three financial years, employed by the banking institution or the group in an executive capacity;

iv. is not a professional advisor to the banking institution or the group, other than in a director capacity;

v. is not a significant supplier to, or customer of the banking institution or group;

vi. has no significant contractual relationship with the banking institution or group; and

vii. is free from any business or other relationship which could be seen to materially interfere with the individual’s capacity to act in an independent manner.