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Botswana Diaspora Engagement Workshop

Thursday, October 17, 2013
Gaborone Botswana
8:00 hours

The workshop objectives are as follows :

  • To explore and promote the role that the Zimbabwean diaspora in Botswana can play in the socio-econimic development of Zimbabwe
  • To provide and oportunity for the Botswana diaspora to be appraised on the progress achieved in the socio-economic development of Zimbabwe and highlight the roles they can play.
  • To promote diaspora investment into the economy in terms of remmittances and produce investments.
  • To attract skills for the development of Zimbabwe following the flight of skills experienced over the years.
  • To encourage the diaspora community to participate in the development of selected critical areas of the Zimbabwe economy such as health, education, engineering and other sectors of the economy.