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About  The Institute Of Bankers Of Zimbabwe  (IOBZ)

The Institute began operating in this country 1947 when the then Salisbury branch of the Institute of Bankers of South Africa was established.. In 1973 through the efforts of Mr Geoffrey Wilde the Institute became autonomous in this country. The primary function of the Institute is educational and to this end Banking examinations are offered twice a year. The standard of these examinations is very high and the qualification is recognized in Africa and many other countries including the United Kingdom and South Africa.

The Institute holds a Winter Banking School every year which is attended by some 70 delegates from the banking fraternity. A subject is addressed by means of papers being presented by 5 or 6 eminent people. Their views are discussed and questioned by delegates and a great deal of benefit is obtained. In addition a lecture is held to preserve the memory of Geoffrey Wilde who founded both the Institute and the Winter Banking School.
The Institute has a secretariat responsible for carrying out its day to day activities. The secretariat reports to the Council of the Institute who monitor the activities and formulate policy.

Subjects Offered

Certificate level (5 compulsory subjects)

  • Financial Accounting I
  • Introduction to Economics
  • Money and Banking
  • Management
  • Law

Intermediate Level (4 compulsory subjects)

  • Financial Accounting II
  • Finance of International Trade I
  • Management II
  • Information Technology

Plus one optional

  • Treasury Management I
  • Corporate Finance
  • Marketing
  • Practice of Banking I

Diploma Level (choose any 3 subjects)

  • Management Accounting
  • Practice of Banking II
  • Finance of International Trade II
  • Retailing of Financial Services
  • Treasury Management II
  • Advanced Corporate Finance
  • Strategic Management

Advanced Diploma in Banking and Finance

Once the necessary resources have been put in place, the Institute would like to offer an Advanced Diploma. The syllabus wll be more focused on topical banking subjects such as Risk Management, Corporate Governance, Micro Finance, Customer Services and Credit Management. The 1 -2 Year Diploma will be on offer to qualified Associates who would like to specialize in the following areas:

  • Credit Management
  • Treasury Management
  • Marketing
  • Central Banking
  • Finance and Investment
  • Risk Management

The Advanced Diploma syllabus will be linked to that of a Tertiary (University), Institution which offers degrees in Finance, Risk Management etc., and will enable graduates to qualify for exemptions towards a degree in their chosen field.

The spread is as shown hereunder:

Advanced Banking Diploma 1-2 years




Central Banking


Specialist Core Advanced Credit Management Advanced Market Research International Monetary Economics International Aspects of Central Banking Advanced Management Accounting
  Advanced IT Marketing Strategy Financial Markets 1 Domestic Aspects of Central Banking Financial Accounting 3
  Investment Sales and Services Managemetn Financial Markets 2 Monetary Policy Regime Advanced Economics  or Advanced It or Investment