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About BAZ

About BAZ

The Bankers Association of Zimbabwe was established in 1992 to provide a forum for the consideration of matters of policy and mutual interest concerning member banks. The Organization, comprising of banks registered and authorized to conduct banking services in Zimbabwe, provides information, research and operational support services primarily to the Banking Industry.

The BAZ is a highly respected industry Association formed solely for the interests of its members, and of the wider economy and the public. It is an Association that third parties are proud to partner with, and its views command attention and respect.

The industry has undergone some tremendous transformation over the years and has proven to be the nerve center of economic development. The banking sector has been able to assist the whole spectrum of economic sectors through the different banking products and advisory services. 

Strategic Goal Statement

Leading the transformation of the banking sector landscape through restoration of trust and confidence in the banking sector in Zimbabwe

Strategic Goals 

The BAZ has identified the following strategic goals. 

  1. To foster financial sector stability and confidence.
  2. To provide tools to maximise banking sector competitiveness and long term growth 
  3. To improve stakeholder perceptions about the banking sector.
  4. To foster and promote financial inclusiveness. 
  5. To adopt international best practices in capacity development of banking professionals

Our Vision

To be a World Class Umbrella Body, representing the Zimbabwean Banking Industry.

Our Mission

To create the conditions and opportunities for the promotion of profitable growth of the banking sector through proactive programmes of innovation, constructive and proactive stakeholder engagement, competitiveness and stewardship in the banking sector.

To be committed to pro-actively and responsibly represent, promote and to protect the interests of the member banks in Zimbabwe.

Our Shared Values

  • Integrity :  displaying commitment; competence and cooperation in our interactions with all stakeholders.
  • Transparency : relating to all our stakeholders in a fair, easily understood, frank and open manner.
  • Professionalism : displaying high levels of ethics and professionalism.
  • Relevance : Undertaking relevant engagements and policy analysis which responds to the needs of all its stakeholders. 
  • Proactiveness : closely monitoring banking sector and economic developments and regularly disseminating findings on emerging issues.
  • Autonomous : maintaining operational independence in all its undertakings
  • Efficiency and effectiveness : remain disciplined  in utilising resources in all we do and will deliver beyond expectations
  • Empowerment : we will create opportunities for organisational and individual growth